Cost Cover Solution

Costs security in the management of accounts receivable

Overdue invoices are a part of the workaday life. Claims often have to be legally enforced. Litigation costs as well as attorney´s fees have to be paid – valuable working capital and man hours in the finance sector are diverted with no guarantee of success.

COST COVER SOLUTION (CCS) is able to individually, promptly and in a transparent manner assist you to implement your claims professionally and without any financial risks. This preserves your assets, your bookkeeping and your sanity.

Our highly specialized contract lawyers are personally tracking your claims from start to finish. Our client interface debit.control provides you with complete transparency on a daily basis and online. The best part: We assume the entire costs for enforcement proceedings, courts, lawyers and bailiffs. If successful, we receive a percentage of the realized sum of the claims. If recovery is unsuccessful, we pay.

No costs, no advance payment by you!

Why throw good money after bad money?

Contact us and we will gladly make you an individual offer.